Rail-Road Shunters


Hiarom is producing a range of rail-road shunters which are used for moving railway wagons, locomotives or carriages. These are not railway conversions but specially designed machines for shunting. They have the advantage of moving very easy on both rail and road which assure a great mobility. Because of the greater friction coefficient of rubber on rail they can carry out shunting task of a locomotive 3 to 4 times heavier and with an important cost saving.

The traction is full hydrostatic with wheel motors in each wheel which means no gearbox or cardan-shafts are used. This assures very high traction capabilities even from start or at very low speeds, good protection against mechanical shocks and very good overall efficiency especially at low speeds. The control of transmission is fully automatic with a dedicated computer.

Because of the hydrostatic transmission the machine configuration is very versatile, so a big range of machine can be obtained. Basically we can configure a machine for every customer specific needs.